Following the raving reviews of their former album Don’t leave the planet (Chesapik, 2012), Astrio are back with Made in China, a record born while touring the land of the Rising Sun, specifically while taking some Kung-fu lessons from master Gym Tian. It is from him that they have drawn the better part of the imagery in this work, where Astrio affirm their trademark sound, a mixture of electronics and rock, to flirt now with psychodelia — all in all, a sound of their own they have mastered after 14-plus years onstage.

No possible description will convey their style, which is as eclectic as it is immediately recognizable. These ten tracks shape up (it’s their own words) the soundtrack of a movie yet to be filmed.

Arecio Smith, keyboards and sampler
Santi Serratosa, drums and sampler
Santi Careta, guitar


Made in China
Chesapik (2016)

Don't Leave The Planet
Chesapik (2012)

Per principis elegants
Propaganda pel fet (2011)

K. Industria Cultural, S.L. (2007)

As soon as possible
Errabal (2005)